WE ARE GOING UP! – I will change my Strategy…

Tone Vays prediction for a ~$7500 bottom in this Bitcoin crash seems to hold pretty well. Nevertheless I still don’t believe in Technical Chart Analysis. I will change my investment strategy…


  1. Sunny that is EXACTLY the learning point I have taken too. I had a pot of money to invest. I invested it. Unfortunately I did not sell when it hit the top. So now all of the money is tied in coins until the market recovers. Next time…I will keep some fit aside..between 50-75%…so that I can buy in the dips and average down the price I have paid. They are all lessons…they hurt because it is money…but next time round, we will all be better prepared! For me… I am going to have to sit back and be patient and wait for the recovery before I can play the game again!

  2. I like you're videos but you can't deny chart analysis, like for example I sold Saturday at noon because every year before Superbowl the market dips.. I made huge gains from observing this.

  3. Hey Sunny, look up Scott Schneek on Facebook. He runs a group called Trade Crypto Live. He traded forex until he started trading crypto, and he uses a lot more than moving averages in his TA. I've only been following a little while, but what he's said so far has made sense and has occurred. He doesn't give time frames because he knows that that would be ridiculous since no one has a crystal ball, but he references how likely a particular scenario in price action might be based on past performance in that coin and sometimes in coins that have had similar price action. Sometimes his text posts are a little goofy, but his videos are purely looking at charts for various coins and tokens. Worth a look, at least

  4. Ugh. Man, you're just making it worse: just move on. Technical analysis merits. Maybe you just don't understand it. You've lost a lot of credibility already because of BitConnect; this just might be the final straw.

  5. I figured out the very same thing man! How funny is that? Since this market is manipulated BIG time, this strategy can be very profitable! Good thinking right there man!

  6. I don’t agree with you on TA. First off, it is used mostly to increase your odds that a trade will be in your favor, not so much making exact predictions. Also, bad TA will have bad results. Maybe you’re looking at TA from bad analysts most of the time. It has certainly worked for me for over 3 years now. I could go in depth but I want to do work and I wrote a novel of a comment but my phone crashed and I don’t want to re-write that gem. Thanks for the video.

  7. $50 "No way this will last "
    $100 "This is a fad just like when the automobile was invented , the horse will remain"
    $300 "It's a bubble, it's going to pop"
    $1000 "Trust me, it'll burst, just wait a few more months"
    $2500 "Give it a few more days"
    $2000 "Ha, told you all"
    $4000 "It's still a bubble"
    $5500 "Ohh boy, that’s gonna hurt when it bursts"
    $7000 " This is the end , we are close …"
    $9000 " We all knew it wouldn't last "
    $11000 " Within a month it's toast "
    $13000 " It should have never made it this far "
    Remember dips and valleys are to be expected , BITCOIN in reality is JUST in it's infancy ..but in the long run if you look at the 9 year history all I see is up , up , up , she goes.

    9 years later ….. and counting …..
    see where this is going….. the only BUBBLE BURST will eventually be FIAT currency . Join the REVOLT join the RESISTANCE join BITCOIN .

  8. Hi all, I am a homeless person that has been believing in bitcoin and cryptocurrency for a while now. I just make sure my mobile phone has enough money to go online and make sure I can charge my phone so I can follow this revolution. It is amazing. Although I only have put in 100 usd in the market, I am so excited about the whole evolution. I did not make any money yet due to the recent crash, but it is only part of the evolution, that is what I believe. I hope I can win this next gift as it will double my worth. But trust me, this is the revolution that potentially can make everybody rich an independent from all banks. I only have an ETH address. 0x2f166fc601BFE5A53fd35D8c696118600e28cfD8

  9. I think most of people just follow for the authorities. The crowd is always manipulated. For example: some big names said the Tron will shoot. So what we have today? The project without a product and future. But so many people believed that it is the true killer of Google. Another pump and dump coin. I believe in people's greed. The most of people must read white papers, must think, but they just so lazy to do that. They just wait for Mcafee post on twitter and thinks that some millionaire will give them the keys from their bright future… Thank you, Sunny for your videos. Im subscriber from september and i truly think that your channel is the best and funniest channel in cryptoworld.

  10. That's a smart strategy. I've don't have that much to invest in crypto at the moment, and have been kicking myself everytime the price 'crashed' as I too didn't want to invest more fiat.
    About the technical chart analysis i agree completely. Human psychology is intriguing indeed.

  11. Bitcoin Ecosystem is technical analysis of 99% of emotional retail investors. There was a 4 years consistent pattern if it's drops so dip it will back up again just base on the history I'm not speculating. I believe bitcoin will back up at $20,000 by Q2 2018. Thanks Sunny! 3BYXSbZcWMPHgsoocMuLx84bZogdkBREJ2

  12. Lets talk about FUD and the damage it does. Today i came accros this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxC0VgW2HE4&t=2m8s [Learn Crypto A.K.A – The Professor]. In i thought this is a good video. He exactly explains some things we experience in this crypto market. Is it time to stop the negativity? We know it hurt every investor. It doesn't matter if you lend, hodl, trade we all get sucked into this spiral of negativity and fake news. I would like it to stop from here. Its hurting everyone who is in crypto or interested into getting into crypto. Lets make 2018 the best year for crypto ever!


  13. hey sunny nice spinny chair , right now with the process this low would be a great time to buy I really doubt it will reach this low anytime soon .ps. please send me BTC cause my address ends with "pig". thank you! 14daZjDKBmbDrcMVvDLLw4waoBXKWAEpig

  14. I completely agree with you here… TONE VAYS is no genius, BTC is going down because of FUD and all those attacks from different governments. And now it becomes psychological, there are people wishing it would drop again so they can buy so Mr VAYS is full of shit

  15. Technical analysis is only just a little bit accurate because some people use it, and in a way this will actually give it some (minor) impact, almost like how you explained key numbers being 7.5k/10k, when a decent number of people use technical analysis like support here, resistance there, etc etc, it's going to give it some meaning and people will react to it. I still think that news make up most of the market movement, but during periods where there are no news, technical analysis could give you an idea of the general trend.

  16. hey sunny I'm almost giving up on this giveaway lol I always come up with smart comments but i don't get picked. I'll anyway . I don't think we will see BTC at these low prices for a long time if ever .. it wouldn't be the worst time to buy . 1DpT214gXaefZUnPvY5YVMzRnDQre4NhNH

  17. Great job Sunny. You're the only crypto-channel I watch. Thanks for your honesty and straightforward approach. Do you think NEO will capture more of the market share in 2018 because more and more ICOs will be using their platform (instead of ETH) ?

  18. I thought of the same thing, during the recent crash I looked left and right for some fiat to get into great projects on the cheap such as icon, cardano, zilliqa… But wasn't able to get some. Next time, I will invest 60-70% and save the rest in case of future corrections.


  19. Great video, I am only starting to get into crypto and it is one of the best hobbies I have had. You are right that the market at the moment is governed by people who are buying crypto to make quick money. A Get rich scheme and i am sure a lot of people took a heavy hit. I am in it for the long game, I plan on having coins for long, medium and short terms.


  20. You are right sunny. I had the same issue 1 week ago. I wanted to grab some altcoins when i heard a tweet about binance listing. But it was too late because sepa transfers usually takes 1 day.

  21. The banks will not so easily let go of their iron grasp on control of our money. If they can't destroy bitcoin, they will implement their own version. We as the people need to wake up and be brave to be free from their grasp.


  22. Great video, is ir just me or all of lending platforms crashed or are on the way to crash, what you think about Davor ponzi scheme?
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