Warren Buffett: I’m not worried about America’s future

In an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, billionaire investor Warren Buffett explains how he thinks the economy is doing, why he thinks the wealthy should …


  1. Elephant in the room is wealth inequality, there needs to be some mechanism to redistribute fairly. The financialization of the economy is a failure for 99%. Wage growth has stagnated for 30 years. The economy is a house of cards built on credit like never before… Warren Buffet can't say this !! It will have a crisis and hopefully come out better and stronger but we will see some chaos due to the unleveraging of this massive credit bubble.

  2. This person interviewing Warren clearly has a political agenda. Every single question seemed to have an angle. Watch Becky Quick or Carol Loomis' interviews with Buffett and leave CNN/Bloomberg/etc at the door.

  3. I like Warren Buffett a lot but I guess I wouldn’t be worried either if I had 80 or 90 BILLION dollars …… unfortunately I don’t and I am worried even though my wife (of 59 years) and I are probably doing better than 90% of Americans.

  4. long time ago in the late eighties they asked an Egyptian religious scholar whether the USA will collapse or disintegrate economically and on governance and he said as long as they doing three their future is not in real catastrophic economically:
    1. Giving foreign and humanitarian aid.
    2. Their immigration is booming with a lot of new ingenious brains from all over the world.
    3. They are encouraging educational researches and freedom of worship for every citizen.

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