Warren Buffet’s Bitcoin “Investment” long term (5 Years)

Buffett’s comments come a day after Jamie Diamond, chief executive officer of JPMorgan, offered his mea culpa on the bitcoin by saying in an interview on Fox …


  1. Cuban commenting on crypto is like a plastics investor from the '60s commenting on the dot Com boom.

    Mark: you made your billion on Yahoo stock now STFU. This is a new world. Go back to covering up the fact that you had a kid with that 15 year old.

  2. Only invest what you can afford to lose , everything in life has it's risks ( think marriage ) even BITCOIN having said that since it's inception 9 or so years ago it has only done one thing go up up and up . It started at around 30c and now is around 14.000 US as of January 12 2018 , pretty good investment I would say .

  3. BITCOIN is AND should remain the GOLD of CRYPTOS.
    We need a center non CONSUMEBALE coin, decentralized, not suject to performance for its price (BITCOIN) to structure the TRANSITION to the brand NEW CRYPTO ECONOMY.. then we say…..HOW MUCH BITCOIN DO I WANT TO INVEST IN…….. ethereum, miota, cardano, litecoin, monero, etc,Etc, etc.
    OR WE MIGHT SAY…….How much bitcoin can I get for my cardano, monero, ethereum, miota, etc. Etc. Etc.
    IF we give RIPPLE (centralized) that pivotal place is like giving them (BANKSTERS) the power of controlling AGAIN the value of CURRENCIES.
    Back to slavary.
    On the CHESS GAME of WORLD ECONOMY (POWER CONTROL) this is the KING (BITCOIN) to protect right now…….to WIN THE GAME.

  4. the greed of this people. Buffetts never gives advice on investment on the main stream and all the suddenly he wants to prognosticate crypto currency on main and of course he doomed it, surprise… they are scare, they are giving war. crypto currency is here to stay, is the new open GLOBAL market transaction for EVERY ONE. if you want to be part of it here is a link https://valderramahenry.usitech-int.com

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