Wall Street Loves Bitcoin & Bitmain Super Profits – BTC & Crypto News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Wall Street is trading big time on BTC futures, Bitmain makes so much money, Coinbase gets into the gift card market, and …


  1. These other exchanges like Robinhood (sp?) Do any of them allow US citizens to use them? Also, your killing me,…. I want this shirt too!!! Ate least send me were you get them from…. Or you can send me the one you have on!!! Heeheee great report Lark!

  2. Always good to hear from you. I'm puzzled by Pundi's poor performance given all of the great news about it. It is doing pretty well now but still far behind it's highs of a month or so ago.

  3. Hi Mr Lark, what’s your thoughts on Bibox token? BIX. That thing gives out I’ve seen up to 46% ROI yearly, depending on volume. That’s more then any masternode I’ve ever owned…

  4. I hope to see fortnite world of warcraft and many more big games do the minecraft crypto intergration that will speed up mass adoption 'without a doubt'

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