Vitalik TROLLS?! George Soros HODL

Vitalik trolls Tron, Tax Authorities are waking up, George Soros enters the game, Vitalik doesn’t approve anti ASIC forks, Social Media and crypto and other news! Get your coffee and breakfast…


  1. Can some pls explain to me the Youtube mechanics that why the "liking" is so damn important? Anyone making ANY searches here sees only the VIEWCOUNTS in the results by defaut. And different tubers are rated primarily on their Subscribers and views.. Great Channel for sure though. <3 Just no point reading viewer comments here anymore cause of "i liked/smashed" -spam

  2. George Soros did not say crypto is just a bubble and to be ignored. He said it is in a bubble and very useful for certain transactions and that the bubble may be sustainable because it is so useful to some parties. He has a deep technical understanding of the term "bubble". Remember, he funds organisations which use blockchain technology regularly to track use of funds and goods donated.

  3. Ethereum already dropped down to 300$. And I do still believe it's too high for such a shitcoin that produces bunch of scam into the market. This kid Vitalik, needs to pass on his 'leadership' to someone more experienced into that area.

  4. Ivan, good job my friend. May I, suggest you display a frequent automated reminder graphic on your video broadcast, inviting viewers to like your channel and subscribe. This will give you more time and less distraction to concentate on your reporting.

  5. I don't think that FB & Google are trying to be good corporate citizens…they are either being pressured by the 'state' OR they are now owned distraction weapons of the state

  6. TRON is Chinese right? since when have the Chinese worried about copyright? The jab from Vitalik is a bit empty…given the Chinese will believe re-wording a white paper a waste of their time and resources (especially is when English is not your first language.) I tend to agree. Whats the point unless you are doing something different?

  7. I will not hit like if you keep sounding like a puppet and keep saying Naahhledge! Like Tai Lopez,, PLEASE stop that! Say it like you would not like Tai Lopez!!!!!

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