Vitalik Roasts NY Consensus Event (Blockchain Conference)

The New York consensus event tickets are $2000. New York is the only state that has a special centralist expensive “Bit License” barrier to entry. Wall Street and …


  1. Hello @connorkenny first i want to say congratulations for your 2000 followers on steemit. I see you are doing great things. Good to see some amazing information about this world of cryptocurrency even i am new. Have a great day its time to celebrate 🙂 @carorichards5

  2. I got to tell you I like the headlines more than the charts. I think the headlines tell you more. I cracked up about that remark about snoop dog. How do you film these videos where it shows your desktop then shows you in the corner I’d love to do it I have ideas

  3. Thats funny of Vitalik very smart guy, but certain centralized events, if not all…. will always have these problems eventually, dont know what can be done about it.
    Offshores , in many areas they are associated with heavy tax evasions… I love Monero for example but dont know what future of privacy crypto coins will be…. They have good uses but can also easily be abused by many types of shady entities out there, question is what can governments do about it, im not sure thats nothing.

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