Verge HACK, Tron PUMP

Verge is hacked in a 51% attack while Tron pumps, Mark Karpeles makes statements and Verge is forced to fork. Get your breakfast and coffee ready and we’ll get straight into it!


  1. I watched the decentralized deception video and was pleased with it until tron came up. I guess he just needed material to add to his video and didn't really do much research on tron. He kept hammering Justin about one picture with Jack Ma. Well just a few days ago Justin posted like 5 different pictures of his very recent graduation ceremony with like 5 more pictures with 3 or 4 with him, other people and Jack Ma. He made the point about Mcafee shilling tron but he missed that Tron went to the moon 25X 2 weeks before Mcafee made his tron comment on twitter. Tron might fail but it's no scam.

  2. Token pay just hit the market today. But and sunerok the verge developer is the block chain auditor on that project with the verge hack, this isn't looking good.

  3. Congrats for the segment knowledge, it is very useful to remind some key concepts or to elucidate something i wasn't sure. I smashed the like, as usual… LOL

  4. Smashed likes and no coins lost in MT Gox. I had Verge, took profits when it mooned, just bought back in after the hack so not affected by the fork. Very good channel, much better than finding and reading news myself, your comments and perspective are valuable. Keep up the excellent work Ivan!

  5. The closest concept to "taking your coins off chain" may be loading them onto something like an opendime so that you can physically transfer them to others without an on chain transaction, or opening a lightning channel.

  6. Verge was always garbage IMO. Didn't add anything of value to the ecosystem. Wraith is just a re-branding of stealth addresses. You can get more privacy using bitcoin on samourai wallet over tor using paynyms with good opsec.

  7. Owned Verge prior to the hack, but now questioning leadership and programmer "know how?". Mor inportantly when vetting coins, reading White Papers and viewing info on GitHub how can I spot problems before they happen? Seem the hacker caught it, but no one else…SMASH THE LIKE!

  8. Why are you so negative about Tron. Justin is doing a great job and has been delivering early on their roadmap! Look at all the partnerships he has been able to make and he’s already a huge success with Tron.

  9. I don't understand the Verge hate. It's between 5-7 cents recently. Pickup $100 worth and see what happens. If it crashes, you lose $100. If it goes somewhere, you could possibly make a profit. What's so complicated about it? All of these projects are risky, especially in the infancy of this awesome crypto world. Diversify a portfolio and hodl… Who knows, maybe a bunch of people around the globe that knew about crypto this early will have an early retirement. Cheers!

  10. dump the knowledge, we're not like "i'm not exactly sure what a public key is" lol,
    bring back stats, and stop changing stats, i'd like to see consistent stats so we can see trends forming, maybe different stats for each day of the week, but say, mon is transaction fees and mempool, every monday 🙂

  11. Don,t be a HYPOCRITE about TRON Ivan, remember you made a video about Tron 2mths ago where you analyzed them from the Github information and you had no problems with the TRON Project at that time. The Tron team is still developing they have not stopped working on the project and as you and them have said they have a huge amount of work to do and its a long-term project so it is to early to give negative comments.

  12. I think of the Nano S (or Trezor) as a safe.
    The safe's combination is the hardware password.
    The safe's content is a keychain.
    The keychain gives me permission to spend from selected accounts in the ledger.

    Of course, the word IS "wallet", and I don't think it'll change now, but "a safe" is how I think of it.

  13. Even if the MT Gox refund has taxes and fees. The current price or BTC at $3000 is so much higher that rehabilitation sould return all funds in full at a minimum.

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