“VC’s to Crash Ethereum Below $100”, Bitcoin To $50,000, Gary V: Moon Will Come

Subscribe === === In this video we talk about Ethereum possibly crashing below $100, Bitcoin falling to $3000 before skyrocketing to …


  1. I find it hilarious that you laugh at flat earth. You obviously haven’t looked into it. No one goes from school to where you learn everything about the heliocentric model to a flat earth without mountains of evidence proving we do not live on a ball. In fact there is no measurable curvature at any distance. Sorry but due to geometry we would have curvature if we lived on a ball.

  2. Go against what is said (if you have the balls) and you do well. If you think a little more than 500 eth Ian holding is a lot and an example of how much VC holdings. I'll just say this again… go against what everyone says and you will do very well!

  3. You all put your hopes and dreams into things that can disappear in the blink of an eye and now their are over 2600 different coins and tokens. Its all hot air and BS just like pow lite became worthless

  4. I've been following your channel for a while now and observed that you are an independent thinker, not (yet) polluted by corrupt youtubers out there who sold their souls to Ripple's 100 Billion token company –who hoodwinked noobs to thinking that xrp will make them "instant" millionaires. And there are others shillers too from other coins. My point is: You, showing us the good and the bad, pros and cons gives us the proper education we needed for the day. I hoped you continue with this crusade, share with us that light, in this dark and gloomy crypto market. Keep it up.

  5. I thought I heard that Bitmain owned 1 million ETH? Someone was talking that the company was overextended? That they were not doing that well. I guess that is why Bitmain wants an IPO? Hummm, has anyone else heard anything or am I wrong?

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