Urgent Litecoin & Bitcoin Market Update – Price Falling

Let’s provide some context to the story of Bitcoin and Litecoin as we answer the question: What is going on with BTC and LTC prices? I do not take donations, but if you’d like to support…


  1. As a recent investor into the crypto space (Dec. 2017) I have obviously suffered some loss. But I stayed true to "don't invest more than you can afford to lose." I believe in the tech, and the future of blockchain and will hodl for years to come. Big thanks to the individual who emailed you and to you, Dan, for all your work and knowledge in this space. I think a lot of investors who are in the same situation as me, really needed this video!!!

  2. Everyone is NUTS. LTC is going to $20 like Charlie SELLOUT Lee said. I sold $298 the same day Charlie SELLOUT Lee unexpected tweeted he sold and it tanked the LTC market. Why my posts are always deleted is a sign everyone here is hoping and hope is not a strategy. As an EMINI Futures trader for 22 years you never hope for an outcome. LTC as well as the entire crypto market is in a downtrend and very very dangerously close to taking out its last big low of 103. Ultimately that low will be taken out and the only true this Charlie PUMP & DUMP Lee will be correct on is his tweet stating LTC could go to $20. Crypto Capital Venture should leave this post up to warn his fans that there is a real possibility he will also become collateral damage with the constant ra ra ra of LTC. Remember todays hero is tomorrows villain

  3. I like the tech and I like USD as well. Just depends on where things go. If I’m able to buy a house with LTC in 5-10 years cool. If I can withdraw 100k plus before then, I will.

  4. Strong LIKE!
    and thank you, that is really embarrassing for people who are writing those articles. I think many of them want to influence the market, but with people like you, showing up their words from the past, they can't feel so save and cocky anymore!

  5. I have all that I need to change my life, why would I risk that by trying to play the sell high and buy lower game. Unless you are an expert in trading and TA, even then, it's risky. Too many people get rekt when they try to sell at a high and rebuy at a low, not to mention the tax hassle this creates. People are just too greedy, and a lot of them have really no business trading, and would be better off hodling.

  6. It's not just about the profit guys, it's about the future, there is no reward without risk, there is no risk without reward. I'm on the side for the future, I know it's hard to not see the dollar aspect of it but the dollar is nothing when compared to what crypto can become. I'm HODL and will see this to the end, whether LTC goes to a million a coin or to zero, I'm still investing in a better future for my family, LTC and BTC forever.

  7. It all comes down to "don't stop believing". The tech will be there and LTC is implementing the groundwork better than anyone from a retail perspective.

  8. Great show. I’m a hodler.
    Peter from decentralized tv on you tube replied to me
    I asked him should I buy 1 ethereum or 3 lite coin
    He said neither
    Buy bit coin
    Your thoughts

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