URGENT Bitcoin and Arbitrage Strategy NOW / growing pains

Arbitrage Bot: ARB Token Adress (for adding ARB token to MetaMask) …


  1. Yesterday pullout my tokens they stolen my 67 arbs in profit they didn't accredit me davs si incompetent site still slow took me 5 days to withdraw money what to say never invest money with pe6with no real faces with no real office addresses or phone numbv

  2. Hey, Dude. So I just pulled all of my coins (497.5) out of A-Bot and moved them over to the exchange and lost roughly 17 ARB. I think this is the same thing that happened to you, right? Anyway, I just almost 2X'd my money on the exchange, so I'm not that upset. I wonder if this is a known problem though. Anyway, love the channel. We should all do shots everytime you say "Chynah".

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