Upcoming Events: Is Western Union Going Live With XRP? IOTA & Huawei

Join News BTC for the biggest cryptocurrency events for Wednesday 18th of April,. Has XRP testing with Western Union has been successful? Will the company be going live with money transfer…


  1. Ripple is will most probably make a lot of people disappointed this year, but next year it will start making moves. Just speculation of course. So if you have bought some just keep holding through the thick and thin. It will be a coin with a substantial value and that is a no brainer to realise it. If you don't own XRP and XLM then you might as well not be in the crypto world.

  2. I think they will get in with the banks they will like using each other than they will show them the advantages of using xrp. But I think them getting into the banks will open the door for other cryptos to be used.

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