Under HUGE lunar eclipse July 27th 2018 | watching Bitcoin & SP500

Exactly as predicted, S&P500 together with Bitcoin is going higher. (Watch calendars in website and inside this video) Osher’s website: …


  1. Maybe a stupid question , but there is something in my mind making me crazy and thats the fact that sharon michell sees that digibyte will grow to around 9 dollars in january 2019, can you check if this is sort of correct or actualy much to high of a prediction, from 3 cents to 9 dollars is a huge amount of growth but i know it can happen after seeing what ripple did last year, i just almost can not believe it will happen, but i trust your predictions much more over sharons predictions , so can you pls tell us in an update video if sharon is correct on digibyte being the golden buldozer and will reach around 9 dollars in january 2019?

  2. It looks like bitcoin is also having a mini correction right now, will this take long? According to you astrological reading we should go up more the coming days but it is not looking like that right now , evem digibyte corrects alot right now

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