UK Column News – 13th February 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column. START – Government to use new AI technology to track terrorists 06:17 – What is an ‘extremist’…? We should…


  1. I saw an article where Brian has been a DISINFORMATION JOURNALIST??? I know you are not with the WWDisinformation Unit/ CIA a confirmed by most of their ex workers. eg Michael Baers;The Hatchet Man of Yugoslavia.

  2. Apparently, it is anti Jewish to question George Soro's INTERFEREnce in British politics. The good peoples of the UK voted to GET OUT OF EU but, George Soros;T he DeceItful/meglomaniac/ good like in attitude/patriachial and dictatorial in his anti DEMOCRATIC actions thinks he should not be challenged? Fuck you George Soros, go back to Hungary.

  3. Check out George Soros interview on 60 minutes 1996, a very disgusting man. Oxfam will lead to Clinton Foundation and international child trafficking. Hillary's brother owns the gold mine in Haiti, Clinton Foundation busted steeling children by the bus loads from Haiti all donations to Haiti charity stolen by Clinton Foundation.

  4. It's sickening how the government can spend millions keeping Assange holed up for his supposed actions in supporting Russia's fictitious meddling in Brexit yet pay towards Soros plans to stop Brexit. Whitehall and Westminster are traitors to the British people.

  5. Better getting rid of BBC. No doubt it will be used by thought police. If they are private company they will be more dangerous than the people they are watching. Who is funding all this.

  6. just wanted to add, we talked about it we don't stop commenting about it but we don't do anything about it . people who do do something about it we do not give them the support they should receive from us, it's like watching a film called Carry On Up the Khyber , the time it takes for us to disagree with one another then all will be lost, wake up England

  7. I want to see this Ladies qualifications to do the Job she has been assigned to re save The Children! Who the hell is she, o yea related to the Kinnocks! Well it's not good enough. I'm very sick of this sick World. They made Kate McCann high up whatever in Missing People? What? She told everyone she left her kids alone!!!!! Maddie went missing and sooooo they gave her a job at this organisation? Are you kidding me! I'm not going to be politically correct, what the he'll is going on. Kate McCann said she left her Children alone and asleep, someone came in and took Maddie in the space of actually a ten minute time frame! Why Maddie, why not a more compliant younger child? Please all research the McCann files. You can get police statements everything on there, or you could! I'm not hounding the McCanns at all. I'm saying, Kate said she left her Children on their own! I don't think she diidnt she loved them too much Maddie was an IVF baby they wanted her. They loved their twins. I've come to the conclusion after research that Political forces have taken this case in another direction. I'm convinced that the McCann's are being told what to say otherwise they may be destroyed/blackmailed. I've followed this case for years. The Official story is Maddie was abducted from her bed whilst the Parents dined. I don't believe this for a minute. In my opinion only, the McCann's made friends with a few bad People and maybe had them to their Apartment. I say their Apartment as Dogs don't lie! and sniffer dogs Eddie and smelt blood and Death in that Apartment. I've no hate for the McCann's. I think they have been encouraged by Government UK/USA. To follow an agenda. Scotland Yard also have spent millions supposedly on this case to mo avail. This I a an international cover up. I have a feeling what happened but don't want to end up dead. Moral is this is one corrupt World. Supposedly Missing People are going by the Government Story, that the McCann's left their kids alone and they have made Kate McCann a spokes person and paid Director for Missing People. This is part of her pay off not to tell. Thus I. Saying that all Charity's are corrupt. I can name others, but I'm not a Wally, don't want a Horses head in my Bed. Actually, I would, but Hubby keeps telling me too shut up.


  8. Yes I remember. People contributed after Jo's death. Jo had Children who'd lost their Mother. Brendon donated all the funds to the White Helmets in Syria. White Helmets are supposedly Humanitarian Aid Workers in Syria. Please watch this Channel and Vanessa Bealey. Chow.

  9. Oh Brendon! the sponsor and advocate for the White Helmets in Syria. Isn't he the Chap who used all Donations raised from People who wanted to contribute after he lost his Wife in tragic circumstance.

  10. Amber and Theresa, I think you will find I am not a member of Daesh! I'd say I was more Dish, due to the fact that I'm always washing up! So when they pick up my internet content dissing you two, you can be rest assured I'm just an old housewife from Essex that thinks your both useless and Globalists and are unfit for your jobs. I'm not planning anything to do with Terrorists. I'm just trying to work out how we can get your sorry arses out of UK Politics.

  11. Sorry, didn't finish. I meant to say, little Maddy supposedly went missing from a Mark Warner Holiday Complex in Portugal. I will research, name just rang a bell, I'm not saying he is this Mark Warner. Will let you know.

  12. Oh well. At least they can't call me a Terrorist, just because I post that Theresa May and Amber Rudd are two Globalist Bitches. They bring out the Alf Garnet in me. Sorry if this offends anyone (not really). Mark Warner owns or did, if it's the same one, a supposed middle to high Class Holiday Company in Greece and Portugal, could be other Euro Countries. Madeleine McCann was staying at a Mark Warner Holiday Centre in Priar do Luz

  13. I really don't see how an algorithm can overcome the subtleties of language unless it is in the most basic form. I expect that it,s main function will be to reject anything that differs from the official narrative. By supreme and cruel Irony questioning the white helmets or British funding in Idlib becomes part of a forbidden Daesh, Isis propoganda.

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