Two Faces to Every Coin, Two Sides to Every Issue, Two Choices on Every Path

Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – Episode 327 – American Voice Radio, March 16th, 2018 – Support The Crowhouse: Bitcoin: 1F6bEEsJHZZhH…


  1. Brilliant… the idea that we can lead humanity to a wonderful place. I am 66 so I may not be around to see how it pans out, but I can do my bit. I understand why people don't want to accept we are at war.. and that there is a 'slow kill' going on, it's too scary.. but it's also too slow an infusion.. What makes me grr is the way 'conspiracy theory' was generated by those perpetrating the acts so that they could direct the public to assume all 'radical plot reveleations' are conspiracies.. Freakin' clever.. We can be cleverer. I am with you man!

  2. Love the channel but I’m not sure why the focus is so narrowed at government. I think it’s pretty clear that our government is a puppet show for multi-national corporate interest. This is why money will never create your freedom. Your may live a more comfortable lifestyle but your still reliant on big ag, big pharma and the rest to supply you with your needs because we don’t supply ourselves and our own communities. Self reliance in the form of localized food production, herbal medicines, locally made clothing, locally managed water supply, local power. Gift and resource based economies where people actually trade and share skills that make our economic system obsolete is the really the only way through. Great you get rid of government you still are relying on your grocery store to supply you with food who’s to stop Monsanto from buying out all the grocery stores and demanding that they only supply the people with GMO’s. They would do this and the people would be subjected to it because at that point without any government money and money alone because king. This realistically is already the case and is what’s happening behind the scenes and the puppet show that people are being distracted by is government itself. Who profits more? Government agents or the ceo’s of pharmaceutical companies, weapons manufacturers, chemical companies, oil companies. Who employs/enslaves most of the worlds population? These are the real enemies and they are the ones controlling the state and even without the state they would still be in control because they control wage distribution, food supply, energy supply, technology, everything.

  3. Its Black or White! One or the other! Brainwashing stand strong! Look at your bible then look around you! Money wont buy your way! Play the chess game! Wake up please! p.s We are in a dome and never been able toooo get out!

  4. If I ever make millions, I WILL TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE SAID AND DO SOMETHING WITH IT! I absolutely love your idea Max, paying people to wake up! 😊👍🙏💚🙏

  5. Another awesome production Max, fantastic content! I have talked about your “Your governments are terrorists” video, with an audio clip of your video and a link in the description. I would like to do this more, use the audio and comment in my own videos, obviously pushing your channel out in support of what you are saying, with your permission 😊👍

  6. The reason why the 5G control grid, the terraforming of the planet, emergent A.I., and the contamination of the food & water supply isn't being talked about by this Q Anon character is that it could well be that all of the "white hats" in government are just a faction of the Deep State trying to wrest control from the faction that has held all of the cards up until now.

  7. Che Guevara told Jacobo Arbenz to arm the people but he would not do it. When the CIA came to fuck shit up it was to late. The US government also used psycological warfare, surprise, surprise.

  8. I want freedom. Max talks about freedom, unless it's too inconvenient. Max talks about the corruption of the system, then wants to work within the system to change it. Grow up, Max.

  9. The mass public ignorance is the perfect argument against the myth of Democracy. In fact it proves that authoritian gov. is also little more then a myth as well. Listen folks…there does NOT exist a special race of humans with devine powers and that we the people MUST OBEY them to be considered a ""good citizen"'. Grtow up folks & take charge of yourselves. look :

  10. the title is the murk of the duality pool and the snag in the reality stream …and to think, in all this, the balanced human is being wiped off the earth The urban dweller who is developing into an AI reality and is becoming the good slave for the system got there through duality.

  11. What do we need to live? We cannot eat, breathe or live in currency of any kind. A loving and respectful relationship with our mother earth and the living beings that surround us. Money of any kind is enslavement. Just an opinion. We are worth so much more. I will continue to dream.

  12. You nailed it Max. "If you "play" with it properly". So why switch? If you "played" with the current system of currency "properly"(as a "tool" of exchange and not as a commodity in and of it's own), wouldn't that be wiser??? Your discussion leads us to believe that replacing one corrupted system of commodity exchange for another obviously (you said) corruptible system of commodity exchange is the way to go. Aren't we just repeating the same system just digitally??? Your suggested system still produces the "hording" of currency (digital or other wise). Can't we come up with a better system of monetary exchange than this?

  13. Understood when you mentioned we can polarize our mind either way..yet ask yourself this..
    what market or corner of ANY business do 'they' not control? To move into the virtual currencies
    is only moving into the direction to what they want. Complete control and over seeing of all
    buying selling and trading. How can one deny. We must completely separate ourselves from 'them'
    before merging into any crypto. Time will tell

  14. I want to disappear into a pocket dimension with everyone who is subscribed here and create a prosocial society. I've quite had it with the sociopaths running the world.

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