Twitter CEO wants Bitcoin to be Internet’s NATIVE CURRENCY?!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey enats Bitcoin to be Internet native currency? Also, Where are the dapps?


  1. Absolutely needs to be a standard currency..too many payment processors already are not compatible with my bank! (The bank claims something wrong with the website-always) So I for one think we must have a standard coin for transaction payments on the blockchain.

  2. This means that CEO is just for politics and not for merit in his position. The archaic btc blockchain cant handle not even 30 thousand transactions per second. And probably not even the blockchain in the cloud can do that.

  3. Everyone seems to forget Ripple and Stellar will have the ability to do smart contracts. On top of that, they're already scaled and the platforms are already being adopted by the business world and banking. If Ethereum fails to deliver I see Ripple as the largest winner.

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