Twitter CEO and Charlie Lee invest in BTC network!

Charlie Lee and Jack Dorsey both invest in the Lightning Network. Plus they are not alone. This is the kind of catalyst that creates bull runs. Check out 212 Advertising:…


  1. For me, one of the areas I focus on when trying to figure out which ICOs I should invest in is the team who made it all happen. Knowing that it was founded and created by a team of Oxford Alumni makes GIG9 trustworthy and invest-friendly. I’m about to join their whitelist right now!

  2. As a giant Elon Musk fan, I can assure you that he has already made statements about Bitcoin. He is very neutral on the subject. He has stated that he has never invested his money. He does have some, but only because a friend gave it to him. Could he revolutionize crypto? Sure. He’s the smartest man on earth at this moment. But I don’t think he really cares to delve into this area. Just my take on things he has been on record as saying.

  3. The issuing power [of money] should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it property belongs. Thomas Jefferson. Cryptos are the way to do this.

  4. The Death Cross seems nothing more than showing a bearish sentiment.. But historically, it has shown that it could go back the other way (I think they called it a golden cross) quickly (some has bounce back in a month).. Again, it is all feels like temp sell and buy when it goes up… Also, Fed Rate should have some impact.. More it has more to do with money volume out there for people to spend in my view into cryptocurrency.. Either people do not have enough money to pay debt as interest rate goes up (no disposable income) or better "stable" yield from bonds that people would jump into (e.g. they do not like volatility). At the end, if cryptocurrency "stabilizes" and it will bound to have more investors in (than just say bonds, stocks, etc.)

  5. A.B.V. .. I like it and have always been exposed to the ABC line as well man, so nice spin on that. I have to tell you, the more I listen to your no BS approach and perspective on the 'youtubers' the more I appreciate what you have to say. I hope that the partnership you are building with 212 pays you great dividends long term in getting your platform off the ground and your voice heard far and wide!
    Keep up the great work and always keep it real Brother!

  6. I believe that coins that have billions in supply will be the ones chosen by the masses due to the fact that their are billions of people on the planet, and a coin that just has a supply in the millions cannot support that requirement once fiat start's fading away.

  7. Back at it again!!! Love it man 🙏🏾 keep bringing that good insight.. easily my fav crypto channel now and I follow at least 20 other good/credible crypto personalities.. you’re amazing my friend! Keeps it the realist too! Good shit bro! Keep it coming!

  8. I was thinking the Mt Gox guy was going to wait till BTC got around 14k till he dumped again, which would drive it back down to 7k, then we could all invest and watch it rise again. I don't see much of a bull run or bear run yet, right now its in the upper 8k lower 9k limbo. Lets see what the next few days has in store.

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