Tutorial on Buying and cashing out Bitcoins from Dubai and other GCC countries!

To buy bitcoins or Ethereum using Credit card from UAE, Kuwait, Saudi arabia, Bahrain and Qatar here: To download PC wallet here: To trade…


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  2. I hear absolute horror stories about bitoasis. Read the reviews on playstore, or any other public forum discussing bitoasis. People have not been able to retrieve their deposits allegedly, and in some instances there are claims that 65% of capital eaten up by transaction charges.

  3. bitoasis stopped verification and also they reduced the limit of vouchers. They mentioned that they will resume it after 7th of January 2018. I think to apply the Vat tax as I heard from a friend. Is that true?
    also if anyone has another way to buy rather than bitoasis please mention it.

  4. Hello, first of all thanks for the explanation for using bitoasis but ive been wondering if i can withdraw money to my Bahraini bank account after i sell BTC because they only mention that i can sell and buy but i couldnt find an ans to my question yet

  5. Excuse me ? I sent my Ethernem from bitowasis to ether delta ? The receiving address is correct ? But after 4 hours , nothing appear in my ether delta account ? How to check the processing in bitowasis? Any reply please ?

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