1. How to be healthy and exercise-MY WAY!
    1. Climb at least 5 trees a day
    2. Eat plants
    3. Sleep 18 hours a day
    Wait that’s for koalas let me find mine
    K found it only difference is I do 4 trees a day
    I commented this awhile ago Jaiden pinned it and I edited to say thanks but it un-pinned when I did ;-;
    THANKS JAIDEN for pin….. XD

  2. The Excellent Exercise Program; give me your house, car, de wae, wallet, credit card, social security number, address, and the club penguin password you forgot 5 years ago to instantly be able to lift a train and throw it to the moon 100% not a scam

  3. P90X, I highly recommend it. I'm just a teen, and I was a stick. I started P90X doing one of the schedules they offer and I gained a lot of muscle within that year. Again I highly recommend it.

  4. First of all, I agree with everything u say. Second of all, I know ur incredibly busy and having extra people on the team is so helpful. Also u have just started with this,but I feel like I never see ur animations in the videos any more. Don't get me wrong all the people are super talented, I just feel like the animation is inconsistent. I don't think any of my comment is that important; this is just my random opinion. P. S. ur videos are still amazing.

  5. Hi I’m a big fan you are a big inspiration to me but I have a question, do you think that watching YouTube videos to learn how to draw is cheating? My friend says it is. Have a great day….bye

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