Trump Crypto Edict, Ronaldinho ICO & Iran Needs BTC – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Trump makes crypto edict, Iran needs Bitcoin, India back and forth on crypto legislation, SEC wants your opinion, and …


  1. Hey Lark I also disagree with the killing of gay people, stoning of women… thats why they are under sanctions with in other words means: no acess to the banking system.

  2. The United States Of absurdities. Also, they keep building nuclear weapons and yet, have the guts to tell others not to do it. It’s like a parent telling their child to not smoke while holding a cigarette..

  3. Crypto lark, Its called terrorism . If you use your money for terrorism then I hope the US freezes your money too. You need to stay out of political discussions. Idealism isn't reality.

  4. funny about Trump, he has 2 crypto coins himself, lol, hope my twitter is ok in my account audit i only had 3 possible fake people following, anyways good update Sir Lark and nice shirt, sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

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