Tron’s FAKE PARTNERSHIP w/ Baidu? Plus Cardano & BAT Announcements!

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, Cardano, Tron, and Basic Attention Token. Talk to us on Twitter …


  1. uhhh,justin knows how to attrack attention :D.i m sure most of trx investors forgive him because he keeps us all informed and all announcements he made about the project they all delivered without big problems.look at the price of eos and eth compared to trx and then look at how they perform?

  2. No Coin has a partnership are only ways of payment.
    All coins who brag to partnerships have only sold lies see Verge.
    The crypto market is scrap will neither replace fiat money nor viewed by anyone as a currency.

  3. Every Youtube channel lied. It is always the Coins made bad that could become a competitor of Bitcoin. Every Youtuber acts as if he knows something. Who speaks positively about a coin has this coin, who talks bad about the others but only tries to talk more to his coin.
    What the crypto market is about to lie and cheat everyone. Too bad that this is not punishable on the stock market, most would end up in jail.

  4. Good stuff.  You should, if you haven't already, compile a list of why people will start to switch to the Brave browser.  …..yeah,……and you are correct about Tron.  Plus,…didn't they say that their transactions will be 200x faster than ETH?..  That's not a big deal.  That would only be half the TPS that EOS has already proven capable of.  Tron = too much talk, not enough action.

  5. Yes.. Welcome back.. ah hem I mean yes, Tron did mislead. They’re presenting themselves as a solid project and have a good vision. But.. They hype the shit out of themselves, like disgustingly so. Not to mention some plagiarism here and there. They deserve to be in the top 50 or 100, maybe. The reason they are valued so high is punters believe in their hype-centric marketing. Not hating on the project, they’re going after it, just suggesting that they’re over-valued significantly, compared to other less-hyped, more promising projects, like.. OMG, ELA, NEO, ADA, ENG, XLM etc.

    All the best to Tron, but due to the hyper-hyped price, I doubt I’ll ever touch it.

    Cheers ✌️🌞🍻

  6. Look everyone, I agree BTC has hit bottom and XRP, XLM, ADA, EOS will lead the bull market, Knowing that the crypto market is manipulating and full of speculations, I believe BTC will become supreme as always, we should just keep on holding, as for XRP it will not sky rocket as everyone thinks, this is pure facts, but It will gradually lead between, but since ETH has gone back to second place in the crypto market cap, that shows more hope on all this digital currencies, nevertheless, I still day trade following the best strategist and analyst, Engr. Bale Johnson, member of financial crypto market, He showed me how to utilize my coins I’m holding to make extra profits, I invested just 10K from what I’m holding and I made 75K good cash in just a day, It was mind blowing because I have never had this type of strategies and signals for trading before and John made it possible for me, now as I hodl my precious coins, I side by side make day trading profits. Big thanks to John, you can also get help and best strategy from him, just send him request via his Email

  7. Excellent!! TRX, Mr Justin Sun is doing one after another big hope and we all holding big money on TRX . We could make more on other coin. This Crypto is full of BS & Big Scam. I think it's better on staying with BTC, LTC, ETH, ADA, XEM,OMG, NEO and QTUM all the big one.

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