1. Unfortunately you cant foresee any BTC whale dumps coming, but as you say, all the indicators are good now for Tron to start another bull run. Additionally, nothing has really changed for Tron – all the good news and support is still there for this coin to move forward.

  2. hows dat 3 cents working out on this bloated pig almost 1 billion dollars and this bloated pig way down again rotmfflmmfaooooooooo…..keep pumping baby ….oh and how is pundi hahahaaaa

  3. what's worth pondering is that the two projects that seem to be making the most progress lately, xrp and trx, have one strong marketing pro in common–Justin Tron, CEO of Tron, use to work for the Chinese office of Ripple.

  4. Netflix screwed over a lot of parents when they took off Trolls and Moana. My daughters are still pissed. Maybe if TRX get that 1000x I will just buy the damn movie. Love this channel.

  5. I was watching the same thing everyone else was.
    I connected my phone to our 63 inch TV at my bar – InsideOut Tavern
    I put Live Coin Watch on.
    People were asking – what the fuck is that?
    I explained a bit of it. Then I directed them to your channel for knowledge and information.
    Told them to watch all the older videos too.

  6. I’m SO PISSED AT MYSELF, yesterday on tron I could have walked away with $228 profit within 2 hours, and I stared at my gains like Patrick Star and lost it all!! TKe profits when you can, because in Crypto what goes up , goes down and stays down

  7. Trust me friends, fundamentals mean dick all when you are in an overall bear market correction. Better prices coming. Be patient. This is exciting though and most all my purchases in the future will Tron.

    Thx for the vids CT.

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