Tron Technical Analysis (TRX/BTC) : A Spark Yes; But Not Yet Fire… [10.12.2018]

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  1. Thank you sir for the video. I have question, how can this fresh low be 4th wave if overlap 1st ?? It is possible that 12345(1st wave) is done and fresh low is a A wave of wave 1??? B just got to 0.5 fib retrace and C can go to 305-310 sat.

  2. I want you to know that this video was the best and most insightful video I have ever watched on crypto trading. I have a 2000 dollar budget and can't afford to be making mistakes. I am not an expert trader but have been in crypto since eth was 2 dollars here and there. It was the way you worded this video and your tone and sincere confidence that won me over to what you were saying and what I have been doing wrong.

  3. Down 62% by solo trading w no experienc in my first year. I can t describe how precious TD material helps me learn so many mistakes I made. Super excited to one day take your class. Working hard to become a TD student.

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