Tron Price Update and 7 reasons better than Ethereum – TRX cryptocurrency news 2018

Tron Price Update and 7 reasons why better than Ethereum – TRX and cryptocurrency news 2018. With over 15 years professional experience in the financial …


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  2. This is classic Elliott and we are at a cozy 618 {ish.} TRX was one of the hardest hit Because of its Strength, if not 10,000X, many who didn't catch the top are still selling at profit. Unless BTC gets gutted, we just completed wave 1 of 3 and this is as close to the floor as you'll get. BTC is still the local currency but as exchanges release more trading pairs it won't affect the market, lately Tron don't care anyway. And this white paper SH..stuff, copy/paste is very common, why its gotta be white any damn way… Ignore the hype, trust the chart… XLM work!

  3. No. Point chatting about TRX till after may. All talk is irrelevant especially as eth owner shut Justin down regarding the white paper

  4. Great info and expertiece again, thank u very much for great videos! What do u think about BTC 24h volume, should it be at least 7-8b if we want to BTC to take nice gains?

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