Tron price prediction March 31st 2018 – TRX cryptocurrency news

In today’s video I bring a Tron price prediction in 2018 based on real data from other coin Mainnet launches. Exciting times if you hold Tron TRX on March 31st 2018, what’s your opinion on…


  1. Well, where do I start? – TRX is NOT going to 1 doller…ok that is off my chest….now to set you guys straight (cause i care) – Their will be a coin burn, but rumors from the Justin camp it will be 15% of total 100 Billion…so at the end of it, that will be….(all together now)…85 Billion Circulation…OK…thats a crap load still in circulation (including Justin + Teams holdings). Also (BEWARE) that the "Camp" wants to sell most of their holdings around 0.20usd per coin (Justin + Teams 2018 Bonus scheme).
    I hold TRX (crap loads) – avg price 5.6 cents…..will sell around 15 cents (pump is coming due to Justin Bull crap)….but please sell around that Mark to be happy 🙂 – anything over 20 cents that will be a risk, as a massive dump will be coming.

  2. It's daunting reading so many opinions… At the end of the day no one knows what will happen… But you can bet that next time the alt coin market takes some dominance back and people get all giddy about getting rich, Tron will blast off.

  3. Anything is possible in the world of crypto these days I remember Sep/Oct 2017 people were saying ripple won't cross $1 in 2018 look what happen a lot of those guy look pretty stupid I should say. Torn is great no doubt and off course the team behind it. I think Tron should hit between $0.75 to $.90 cents by year end 2018 based on how things are moving, if Justin does deliver what he promise I think it will pass $2 + mark.

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  9. lol how can it hit $1, can you honestly see it likely, a $65 billion market cap on Tron alone? Not to mention the other 35 billion in reserve. 🤣 not in our lifetime anyway.

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