This is a good example of a bearish pattern to look for in the future. Hopefully the new trade works out 😉 Where I Trade: Join Me On Steem! Dtube:…


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  2. Thanks for the lesson! More of these candle pattern tutorials would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I have read about a lot of patterns through google, but when somebody actually explains it and shows it to me, the information actually sticks to my brain much better.

  3. I did a similar short trade, sell at 8000 and will buy in a profit range to increase number of BTC, but can you explain why you set your stop loss at 8340 (resistance base). You give your stop loss position based on technical analysis or it's just the stop loss limit for (5%,10%,…) this trade. I am just learning about crypto trading for about 2 months, so I always have problem about set stop loss for my trade, especially short trade because recently I did many short trades to increas my ETH, BTC and NEO

  4. Good day Phil, i need help. i'm a newbie to crypto. a friend just guided me through opening an account on binance and getting a few bitcoin fractions but don know how to proceed from there. i really want to get in-dept knowledge of the market and trading to increase my funds

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