Trading Bitcoin w/ Venzen & Willy Woo – When Will Bear Market End

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  1. Who is this unmentionable begging to suck off regulators? Regulators keep SWIFT (60yr old tech!!) the 'standard.' I mean what an idiot. SEC already overstepped, driving everyone away, now hoping to get ppl back to then put the clamp on. Joke.

  2. Where did a 1000 dollar bitcoin come from? If it is there will be a massive buy order that will take it all. The world is changing people are praying to this price, this will create a massive buy order, as so were so deceived on these prices that no one knows where it is going.

  3. Now. If a really big fish would trully liked to fool all of you now. What would he do? He would let you think this is a dead cat bounce and pop it to fall freely. At this moment ALLLLLLLL of you would be 100% sure we are going to reach $2.5 k or lowwer and he would catch you all naked without any BTCS buying up it all until change of trend. And then Tone would accept he becomes 100% bullish again and all of these the suckers would join the wagon back with losses because of major FOMO. This is something nearly nobody expects right now.

  4. Hey, you can manipulate the market! I sold yesterday when you said the price will hit $1000 and I guess many other of your followers did the same.. today I woke up to see your market power in full light! Keep updating with couple of more episodes with bear sentiment so we can buy back in at lower prices.
    Thanks for the video and keep up the great work!

  5. OK, so Tyler is looking at the phase 7 of his hyper-wave theory to take BTC to $1000. I think he should offer a price or time, or combination of both, at which this prediction would be/ could be falsified.

  6. Also Tone could you look at the shorts we are on a TD sequential 9 on the daily to the downside. With this and the general weakness to push higher than the December 24th high, It leads me to feel we will see some downside. I would love to know your thoughts.

  7. How can something that happens every 28 days (a lunar eclipse) have an 80% chance of creating a market reversal in Bitcoin… especially due to the fact that if there is a market reversal happening it would have started on December 15th, not January 5th and 6th. I am very confused by the fact that someone usually so analytical would have someone so vague on the channel.

  8. Satellites can be shot down if the government really wanted too, but i guess that would just force stealth technology to become more decentralized lol

  9. tone thanks for these type videos. you may never notice this, but i absolutely love watching you, willy, and vanzen chat about this stuff. adding leah and tyler is definitely icing on the cake.

  10. Tone, thanks for another great video.

    I would love to see more videos with you, Willy, Tyler and Leah.

    Willy is soft spoken. It’s really important to make sure we allow him to finish his thoughts.

    Also, how about a video with Tone, Willy, and Murad?

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