Trading Bitcoin – Trading Under $8,000 Spells Trouble

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  4. Hi Tone! Not possible to comment on your videos. Just because in the new videos you're saying you're not receiving comments. Probably you deactivated both for live and not live. Don't actually know how this works. Take care

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  7. Hi Tone, Thank you for your time, expertise and insight as usual. If you would consider doing a back up plan video like you briefly touched on, that would be amazing. Thank you again for all the content you share.

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  9. Tone you should do more live duos. Boxmining was awesome. Richard Heart always great. You need to talk to some of these Elliott Wave guys. They are getting egos. Some some of the ICO peddlers, they need your wrath.

  10. Bitcoin hit a high of $20,000 in 2017 and then the speculators sold out so now as of Feb.2018 it has plunged to $7000. If you look at a Bitcoin history graph and put a ruler on the LOWS you will see that $7000 is the predictable Low for Bitcoin where as the $20,000/Bitcoin was an artificially high price driven by speculators. Now is the time to Buy Bitcoin to get a Fair Market Price. Sure it may dip lower in the near future which is why I would spread my purchases over the next Few Months. Then just sit back and watch Bitcoins value climb over the coming years.

  11. Ha ha ha this guy was bullish 2 weeks ago, now he's bearish, he'll be bullish again tomorrow, and then bearish again… And he's supposed to be a good one

    I feel sorry for idiots who fall for people like this. Big whales run the show, not these lil TA wannabes

  12. I don't think most understand bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. btc is hihly overvalued because it simply can not Do what it was made to do ..that is serve as a Fast, cheap, anonimous and reliable method of exchange. Bcash, Monero and the like are taking over … as it stands, with high transaction fees and slow speed BTC is worth Way Less then the market price.
    Time to face reality: There are Much Better Blockchain solutions out there … starting with Bcash, Zdash, Monero, ya name it.

  13. i thought the backup plan was to steal that ray gun from the willy wonka factory and squirt tone directly into a monitor displaying trading view charts to physically hold up the candles at 7500 ?

  14. Not good… There he goes again with that not good thing… I think it's great… Can we get some more dip please? 3500 would be great… Puts me right back in the market for full coins!! Not good… That'd be great!! When is he going to learn that good and bad is all a matter of perspective!

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