Trading Bitcoin – Big Bounce Last 24hr, Is the Secondary Low IN?

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  1. I tried to reply to a guys who (like many) accuse me of talking about trading while not trading. Here is what I wrote in reply but he deleted his comment… i wasted time so posting it here:
    Please explain to me how I can trade… on friday i have spent 6 hours live streaming across 4 different videos + a 1.5 hour interview for an audio podcast to be released next week. so that was 7.5 hour where I had 0 ability to even log into a trading account. 2 of the 4 live video were mine so they required at least 30-45 minutes of preparation between guest co-ordination and topic overview before hand. Then i have to review & answer ignorant comments like yours across those video… so basically, yesterday i put in a 10 hr work day before i even ate food at family dinner. This does NOT include Twitter time, does not include dealing with email, does not include booking travel for a 6 week road trip across 8 cities on two continents and a lot of other stuff that i have 0 reason to explain to people like you. I work 12 to 14 hours a day… so please explain to me when exactly i will be trading… if you don't like my videos please unsubscribe.

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  3. Tone, there is another critical use case for blockchain other than permission-less value transfer or peer-to-peer money, but I can't say what it is, because I would like to eventually implement it. Now just if my trading didn't suck, so bad perhaps I could raise enough capital to begin that project. But so far, it's looking like it might have to die with me. And no, I'm not planning on initiating an ICO to raise capital, as I would prefer to stay out of prison.

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  5. Tone, looks like you are quickly becoming a global celebrity as a Bitcoin TA. In addition to learning Russian and Spanish, you will need to sign up for Korean in order to read all the live chat streaming in from Korea. I can be your private Korean tutor in exchange of you doing private TA training for me. Lol!!!

  6. expresses strong opinions on blockchain technology, especially other altcoins, yet doesn't know how to cross post youtube videos….Tone, please stick to TA

  7. Until Mt. Gox is finished dumping technical analysis is worthless. Tone needs to do a video on the psychology of whales and in particular the Mt Gox trust fund. Why? Because that is what has been driving this market since late December.

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