Trace Mayer Speaks the Bitcoin Truth!

Santiago, Chile- Time for a BitcoinMeister special! Trace Mayer returns to the show to talk about Bitcoin, Bcash, and MUCH more. Strong hand! Trace’s podcast- …


  1. TRACE IS SCARED TO DEATH! REALITY IS EATING AT HIS SOUL thats whats fueling his mockery and calculated repetetive emphasis on" holdrs of last resort" and the rest of his desperate begging… if he appeals to you , youmight want to serioisly do some soul searching.
    He is the very reason gents !

  2. You kill BTC by having it forced into a "lightning network" – which removes the business use case. That is exactly what happened and now it is as controlled as it could be. The whole point of bitcoin was to have money for the masses. BTC no longer meets that need. I will mark this video and come back and see where BTC is and how much it is used a year from now. Want to see usability –>

  3. Thanks for the video. Could you add links on what Trace was talking about, like the 85 pages, his broadcast or the new exchange with 1$ fee coming soon. that's would be helpful. thanks

  4. So many people saying faketoshi and they do not have anything smart to say, they do not have 1% of his knowledge and IQ, they are explaining nothing, just shitting. CSW explains everything he is talking about and I agree with all of it, no one person explains it so good, I even don't hear their opinions, there is just nothing there. Please explain why do you think someone is wrong, saying he/it is… is nothing! So many people saying he is fake because their ego and beliefs are contrary to his, because they developed the other image (their own) of Satoshi and Bitcoin. Bitcoin will not end governments and it was not developed to do so, it was developed to make money more valuable, stable and enable new ways of valuing and paying for services.

  5. Bitcoin is just another form of speculation, and t is not meant to be a long term investment strategy.
    Bitcoin lost 72% of its value in the last 11 month's.
    If you own bitcoin as an investment, get the hell out of it now if you are thinking of investing in bitcoin over the long term, go to a professional medical practitioner and get you're head examined!

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