Trace Mayer Explain– Weak Payers Shaken Out By Bear Market–Will Bitcoin Reach $45,000 This Year?

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  1. Mayer, the ICO market hasn't cooled off. ICOs raised my money in the first 5 months of 2018 then ICOs raised in all of 2017. Its just that VCs and Hedge funds have locked up most of the ICOs. Please don't state information you do not know for facts. Also, you really think with 100% certainty that we have put a robot on Mars. WOW! You lost all your credibility when you state stuff like that.

  2. I just bought more Litecoin at $74 and digibyte at .033. If you believe in Crypto's now is the time to step up and buy. The powers that be have been holding crypto's back, there are more of us than there is of them start buying crypto's with your fiat and we will break their backs.

  3. Nope it's in a downtrend and the bottom is in the $500 range! I feel sorry for the poor suckers that jumped into it when it was at its High's. Kinda reminds me of the Pink's pump and dump and all the people that bought in to bitcoin is now holding the bag.

  4. Was going well until he starting slobbering on about our 5 time draft dodging, 6 time bankrupt con man we have in office. Congress was going to get the tax change no matter what, just as long as a Republican won, Trump is clueless. Bitcoin will be fine despite him.

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  6. Misinterpreting and praising Trumps cruelty & obliviousness for actual intelligence of policy! Sure to backfire on all of us very soon! The equivalency to a war hero to a 5 time draft dodger is comical at the least

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