Top Undervalued Cryptocurrencies – April 2018

Apologize for the background sound that is the insects where I am in the jungle, but just imagine you are in the jungle here with me 😉 My Twitter: …


  1. Great to see you have a new video and to hear your logical, steady, long term thinking with your picks and the crypto market for the future. Your a rare breed on Youtube and a must see when you put out information. Anyone reading or seeing Tommy for the first time, THIS IS THE GUY. Subscribe, Like, Listen, Act.

  2. Regarding the audio- I am in in the middle of a jungle in Thailand and those are insects, yes they are loud but I have listened to them every day for the past month+ especially for the hours around sunrise and sunset. I have become so used to it I didn't even "feel" it. I didn't anticipate some people to be so bothered by it (in hindsight I do), but if you are, perhaps that is a sign that you should take a trip away from confined western living and come experience what life is like without AC, processed everything, soundproof everything, etc, you'll be surprised at what life can be like outside those spaces and come to better understand yourself, and break free from materialism and cultural patterns that we have blindly accepted that don't particularly serve us as humans, especially in being conscious of each other.

  3. Great to have you back Tommy! Coinfi is definitely a sleeping giant about to pop anytime now. The risk reward ratio is incredibly good at the moment as it is still so severely undervalued. Great job!

  4. I'm set in STK, living in Canada. Their public beta is launching some-time this april 2018. Their Telegram group also has some of the most responsive admins I've had the benefit of dealing with. Definitely a promising endeavour – bringing crypto to everyday use. Good to see it being mentioned.

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