TOP CRYPTOS OUTPERFORMING BITCOIN Bitcoin still gains the most attention, but there are many alt coins and cryptos that are easily outperforming it this …


  1. hello, i have a question. i heard about jupiter coin. But what about typerium coin? Could u plz explain about this coin? well, im a NEW & YOUNG investor! 🙂 Thank You!!!

  2. There are good projects flying under the radar. meeting Roadmap goals , but not being hyped…keep your eyes on the quiet ones..
    Thanks again Ed

  3. That's some solid info out there Ed! I never knew about this Eveningstar website lol, that's great stuff and I'm definitely going to put it on one of my monitors 😀
    When it comes to other cryptos, there are many good projects that outperform Bitcoin in so many different ways. Lets take one of the top trending privacy coins aka. DeepOnion for example: lower fees, privacy/anonymity advantage, much faster, community support etc. and it's not only this but much much more. We can talk for hours on this topic =)

    Keep up the good work Ed! Can't wait for your next video. Great content so far.

  4. Gotta figure taxes into this too. The price crashed down to around 6k then if I sold and was lucky enough to pick the right alt coins I could have made gains. But I'd also have to pay capital gains tax on the bitcoins I sold along with capital gains on the alt coins when I sold them as well. Overall I think I'm money ahead by just holding bitcoin.

  5. Good one, but the sound was strange this time, almost like you were talking in a shower or something. Anyway looking forward to hear which ones you think has fallen out of favor that you support. I have a few like VTC, NAV, quantstamp …

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