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Top Cannabis Stocks and Cryptocurrency Outlook for 2018 with Rich TV Live // Visit and Rich’s Youtube channel…


  1. I bought village farms at 1.92 lol and sold at 1.91 then it started running to 2.18 n i didnt take a bit, then went to $8-9 this year, i knew about village farms since august september, cause they had a tomatoes greenhouses n bell peppers, and there p/s ratio back then was unreal like 0.35 or something and there p/b was under 1 like 0.6-0.7. Anyways i own no VFF, but I still think your right its undervalued, only thing im not so bullish on is they have to share profits with EMH, so 250k square foot really only adds 125k square feet of added profits n revenues to there bottom line, so 10k kgs per year or $60-70m in revenues added. They make great tomatoe products, so i was stoked on that being friendly to switching to mj market.

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