TOP Altcoins for 2018 and 2019

Ive been noticing a trend in crypto’s and Im going to share it with you in this video. How do you invest in cryptocurrency? How do you make a million dollars? I may have narrowed how to do…


  1. Thanks Real-Crypto, this is a very important video that all newcomers into Crypto should watch before they make any trades. If a platform coin, aka blockchain network fails (Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Lumens) all ICO's and Dapps built on that network will also fail. Too many coins out there as it is. Be careful folks !

  2. lisk last week chance you will thank me later , their product isn't on the market yet , rebrand coming 20 feb , if the rebrand has a positive or negative effect i do not know , but i do know that if it is negative it will recover slowly and it will hit by the end of the year 100 usd for sure.

  3. The next trend is Crypto Celebrities. It's similar to Crypto Kitties but much cooler and realistic. Crypto Celebrities goes through an Ethereum blockchain and people can invest in their favorite celeb contracts. Get on the train now people!

  4. "we are building Valence is to propel NavCoin forward as world’s most usable cryptocurrency" I like this sentence in the update report. What an ambitious project !πŸ™‚

  5. You forgot to mention a very big factor! Coin circulation. Seems like no one is talking about this? It's a huge factor! Cardano (ADA) has a Circulating Supply of 26 billion, they will add up to 19 billion more. It will not go very high IMO

  6. as a stock investor for over 30 years….i understand trends and charting, etc. But can you explain the type of coins you only consider? Running their own blockchain…as opposed to?

    I am a firm believer of long term holding IF the trend allows you to.VItal to success. BC for the 10,000%+ gain is where the huge money is. Not short term trading.

    Great video. Thx

  7. Have you seen β€œTierion (TNT)”? It looks awesome. They already got a huge partnership with Phillips and Microsoft. Best thing is they got a working product and transaction are happening in it. Would be really good to get your thoughts on it.

  8. Great vid. Had one question still learning. How do you identify a coin that is or has its own block chain compared to a coin/ico built on one. what distinguishes it when searching for it. As I am guessing there are some block chains (maybe recent) that have not yet reached top 10.? Thanks

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