1. Hey Ricky just stumbled across your video about 3 weeks ago, I've been watch a lot lately. What would you recommend for someone like me with a business that wants to invest like this to create extra capital but doesn't have time to watch the trades all day?

  2. Hey, very nice info, I am curious however, how to you end up finding those. Do you randomly type in tickers looking at hundreds until there is a match or do you have another process in place?

  3. Need Help. I live in Saudi Arabia now and want to know which broker platform can I use that accept international investors??!! Appreciate your help as want to start trading asap

  4. Hi @Ricky Gutierrez i purchased few apparels from your store on monday 26th but i still haven't seen any package in my mail room, do you i need to worry if its stolen or should i wait little more? and also how long does it usually take to seattle wa? thank you!

  5. Guys pray for me. I was trading UGAZ today and when the market was about to close I set a limit sell order but not all of them sold. Now I have 3 day trades until Thursday and so I have to hold my UGAZ shares for 3 days! 😭 i hope it doesn’t plummet again.

  6. Thank you Ricky! I was a little upset for not taking a position on UGAZ before the market closed today 'cuz I recognized a potential push-up. But I think I did the right thing, exactly like you said, it's too volatile, and I don't know what's gonna happen overnight. It makes me feel much better now after watching your video! 🙂

  7. I like your new trading philosophy, it seems almost to be in line with mine. could you make your videos in a higher resolution please, thank you.

  8. Recommendation, save your ugaz and dgaz info for the end of your videos. You talk about it so much, at length, that im sure people get turned off after 12 minutes of the same ugaz/dgaz spiel. I know its relevant as these would of course be 2 of your 7 stocks to watch, so thats why i say to push it to the end

  9. He might have an obsession but to be the best at what you enjoy you have to sacrifice and give it your all this man is killing it in life! His success is goals only hard work and dedication gets you to how good he is!!

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