Top 5 Privacy Coins + Market Predictions – Today’s Crypto News

Visit our website: In this video, Mattie talks about Sebastian’s top 5 privacy coins. He also talks about Yale investing in crypto as well as …


  1. How about a Byteball video? Its like the Ethereum of DAG except with simpler smart contracts and private payments etc. It also has a friendly end user interface so can be used by both the man on the street and developers. Ethereum is only for developers.

  2. Ability for mass adoption is what is going to separate cryptos in the future as blockchain gets more intertwined with business. With Navcoin's fast transaction times (under 30 seconds), very low fees (fractions of a penny), optional privacy features, and simplicity (wallet is most user friendly one I have seen in crypto). You have a coin built for mass adoption. Too many coins focus on being really good in only one small area which will hurt them as a business is not going to want to have to use multiple cryptos for different tasks. In summary Navcoin has been deemed the "jack of all trades" coin and this is a good thing. Also making 4% yearly return on your coins just for staking them is a nice bonus. Once Navcoin protocol switches to static aaward ths % return will increase. Unlike the payment app venmo where my money doesn't earn any interest.

  3. Great video…I was down $2000 about 3 weeks ago. Big deal, I am not worried. If Litecoin goes lower I'll buy more. If bitcoin goes lower, then I'll by at least one. This is my life's gamble. If I lose I lose, but if I win I win, then I met walter aarav and I have been trading with him for a 2 weeks and my portfolio has increased with 5 bitcoins, how lucky I am to meet with such an experienced , honest, and his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me considerate man. You can reach him on mail waltertrading12 @ gmail. Com or telegram +1 323 776 6410. HaHaHa, all the way to the bank. Then maybe I'll make up for all of the years of just being mediocre and never rich.

  4. Can you please discuss why all of you and your fellow youtubers , do not get involved in the oldest and best project besides Bitcoin and a few others which is skycoin , they use obelisk , they are feeless and instant and so many more things have come from skycoin that were not even part of the original vision , they are absolutely on point about what they have done and what they plan on doing , they also have more going on then any other project in the world IMHO

  5. sad to see a channel with 200k subs with less views than a channel with subs less than 100k , i'm concerned because altcoin buzz was my go to place for content . last few months it just been crap ! sorry to sound like a hater but i'm not . we want diversified content , twist things a little , invite personalities , things that keeps it informational and entertaining . reading news from a website is not the best effort for your subs . thank you

  6. DERO is by far the best privacy coin in tecnology. Way faster and scalable than monero. And is going to release private smart contracts before end of the year

  7. Your missing the big picture people. Buzzcoin please when you have time look into Nix platform.

    In a nutshell will not only be the private coin doing new things none are doing it will also have a dex manager converting any coin and token to privacy.

    Take it as a shill if u want but no bs cast your eye on it and ask the team whats coming.

    It all about platform creatung privacy not just 1 sole coin being the best!

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