Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Buy for January 2018 for 500% Returns

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  1. January passed but i suggest you guys to check HedgeConnect if you want high gains ! I invested when token was .90 and happy with current 5$, but when they get listed on external exchange they are hooping for 45$ ! I think you can still buy it for 5$ on their website, just check on google. So lambo soon? 😀 HODL !!

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  3. Your service seems very pricey for being so new with a short track record. Most crypto enthusiasts arent wealthy guys. And a wealthy guy is unlikely to subscribe to your service.
    So, some typical cat with a 10k usd net worth wants to put 2k into crypto (20% is way too much btw). Of that, only 2k, 25% is for short term trading. At 500usd investment, how can one justify a 297usd fee per month?
    Trying to figure out who your target clients are at that price point. Seems most would do better just buying and holding reputable coins.
    I like the idea of your service, having a hard time grasping the numbers

  4. where can i purchase some micro cryptocurrencies on the internet using credit card or using dash,lisk,lite coin, funcoin or any other coin witch i can use to buy these coins i'm very interested in micro Cryptocurrencies witch i can buy please help

  5. So this was 6 days ago and most of these are 100% up since then. So are these types good to buy right when you release the video (of course) but also now? Thanks!

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