Top 5 Cryptocurrencies I Would Buy In The Bear Market – The Cryptoviser

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  1. XRP, TRX, ADA, IOTA, XVG, POE, ARN, NEBL, KIN – Do your own research. This coins in the video are all in the top 20. That's ok but look for 1-2 not so popular coins to get the most reward but also the most risk. And…ADA is absolutely undervalued. Buy (!), if not you will regret it in a few month! I'm not a financial adviser but a financial influencer.

  2. Dash ahead of the game. Soon to have near instant settlements so as soon as you receive an InstantSend payment from someone (InstantSend will be the default payment method in the next major release) you'll be able to spend it straight away (just like physical Cash).

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