Top 5 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency scams

My take on how to tell if a particular cryptocurrency or bicoin investment is a scam. Get 3% Genesis Mining Contracts with this code : lcZRh2 In Malaysia? et a Luno Wallet


  1. Sha, agree with your point of view, these scams are delegitimizing crypto in general. But one thing i might disagree with is the asset backed idea. If a crypto was truly backed by say an asset as gold or silver it could stabilize and provide confidence to the currency over the long run just as gold has done for centuries. I think because of the crypto craze many people are forgetting why crypto was started in the first place (get currency into the hands of the people and away from central bank intervention) But it seems like most crypto users are only looking to get rich quick and then sell their coins to get back into dollars or whatever currency they trade in. Completely missing the point.

  2. complete scam i used coinpot to test if it worked mined a few coins as soon as i earned i could not access coin summary which allowed you to enter your wallet address to get paid i contacted them on facebook to be laughed at.a true saying is if its sounds to good to be true it is.if you want to mine buy hardware!

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