Top 3 Undervalued Crypto Coins For June 2018! | Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunitites

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  1. Nice video some good picks. You should check out R_block it seems really undervalued right now 600k market cap. The team is strong ex Google employees and one of the top 5 Javascript developers in the UK on github. They have got main net rebranding and new partnerships all happening within the next couple of months.

  2. True Chain , already pumped. all we can do now is wait for entrancement. All this new coins are just raking every simple drop from stupids gamblers. Tomorrow will be another coin promoted after been pumped. Regular people will loose their hard earned money if they keep buying into all this new coins. People, be careful chasing projects. there will be everyday a new promising coin that will eventually die out. Imaging a project with 1 billion coins, and you buy 10,000. Think deeply into that. bitcoin with only 21 millions shakes every time mt G dump 10, 000 coins. Now imaging how smartly the owner of a project called BABB can dilute your investment every time they increase the circulating supply. thank you for the video

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