Top 3 Small Cap Cryptocurrencies For 2018

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  1. Nice review Paul, thanks for sharing. I invested in SportCo (SPF), which is also a low market cap coin, so I am curious about what you think of them. They are developing a platform for sports investing, Beta is already out. Have some big names as their supporters, like Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Charlie Shrem, Phillip Nunn, Kevin Harrington and are also official sponsors of RCD Espanyol. Would be interesting to see a review like this on it.

  2. Hey Paul, thanks for sharing!
    Question though, Duality has two tokens, DYN and SEQ, if I understand correctly, DYN (Dynamic) does not gain value as it is an inflationary token (has supply elasticity) of the duality network, meaning it has no max supply. This in order to have a stable price for it to be a stable transferable token. In the other hand there is sequence, which does have a deflationary nature as it has a max supply and works as a content hedge against inflation.
    Sadly I did invest in DYN without researching much (I thought the other way aroud, DYN deflationary) and did not invest in Sequence…. So now I find out about this and understand why the chart shows a stable curve while in the other hand SEQ does show a chart with a coin that is gaining value. Can you please confirm.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Nice video love to hear about lesser known coins which tends to happen with coins that have a lower market cap. I am trading and holding a couple right now but always interested to see if there are any i am missing out on. The thing is you really have to look at the price per coin also as there are some lower cap coins that are only low in market cap because there are very limited coins in supply. Obsidian is definitely a good pick for the next year and i have been looking into it quite a lot lately, however i have seen greater gains with my other small capped coins right now. These are Bitcore, Cloak Coin and DeepOnion. DeepOnion is a relatively unknown privacy coin in comparison to others like Monero and Verge so really it just needs to get noticed more, which i think it will do when the new features are released within the next year. Bitcore is a coin that has segwit activated and is currentluy doing compounded airdrops which have given me nice returns and Cloak Coin is a very strong privacy coin which has tripled in value lately.

  4. nlc2 coin you can purchase them directly with credit card and alipay they are going to dominate and break out very soon look into them tons of updates usable world class platform don't miss this opportunity

  5. Hey Paul, I have top 1 low cap coin tbh… the rest I have in ICO's and mining. I think privacy coins will be huge but Dash/Monero/Verge are too expensive now… I've been investing in DeepOnion a TOR based anonymous coin. They are doing free airdrops you should check them out. Some of the features they have are superior to competition, like DeepVault for example. Let me know if you do a review on them I would love to know whats your view on them! Keep it up!

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