Top 3 Cryptocurrency Investments for 2018! BTC, ETN, & BWK!

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  1. Bulwark BWK looks awesome! I´m reading about 3 Days in this coin, like the Whitepaper, about the Masternode and Staking (passive income). On Discord the team is very helpful and seems they work hard for this project. I like also a lot the little supply 🙂 think 2018 would be a successful year for this one.

  2. Yes ELECTRONEUM is an absolute bargain at the moment, those that bother to sign up to cryptopia and buy some are in for a crazy ride once ETN hits the other exchanges.

  3. Strongly agree with you as I have also bought 10k ETN in the recent dip and hoping for some big gains over it this year!

  4. when is the hashflare contract will expire?
    can i but hashflare using litecoin ?
    ireally want to try mining in hashflare the thing is
    im afraid that when i made an active mining their contract
    is already run out — any advice sir ? thanks in advance



  5. i just make my twitter acc.
    in order to participate xD im not really a
    fans of twitter well now i think i should check
    some of yuor video tweets in future keep it man
    and thanks for this apportunity

  6. you think bitcoin will pull out its last
    high price ? bitcoin price right now really annoy me
    its too low i dont know how to start investing


  7. hey thanks for this video hope to win your give away
    where can i invest litecoin by the way ?
    im wondering if there is any ? lending site#
    where i can growth my litecoin ?

  8. Another great video bro! When you you posted about bulwark it was below 4 dollars and now it’s at around 8! Up 100% in just around 2-3 weeks. Crazy returns! Congrats on the baby! My Twitter name is ahnhell, we’ve tweeted on there before! Happy New Years! 🍾


  9. Thoughts on Ethlend? also is it still worth mining etn? also watch out for Wabi they have integrated with china's #1 app chat
    twitter @rkeib23

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