Top 3 Cryptocurrencies that YOU NEED For 2019 and Beyond

Buy Dash, Holochain HOT, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ravencoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies at Binance!


  1. YO YO , I would suggest that you put a disclaimer for the comment that states BUY dash , hot and so on , thats how peoiple get sued , you rock man , and I already own everything except HOT , the rest I own and I am more then happy to get some of your swag gear , you really need to put disclaimer people cant take consequences for decisions , They make on their own , whats your thoughts ON KMD 50k TPS , and a decentral exchange , voted best tech in china , ???????? SKYCOIN they have made a new decentralized untrackable internet and just had mcafee enter the team , they also have instant feeless transactions and also have fiber and skyminers and are a proven coin , then ICX has partnered with samsung line and the KOREAN govt they will be a top 5 coin , then short term GVT is due for a bounce , but I hold REQ , XRP , ELA , GVT , ICX , ICX , ICX , NEO TKY , DRGN which shit the bed , then I hold BAT from 7 cents , dash , xmr , I didnt mention that skycoin is better privacy algo then monero with obelisk , POLY is one I am waiting on , I own and bought credits on so much SUPOMON BS HYPE asnd that didnt work well , I have 10 ETH to distribute into my majors and then I am curious since their is never much news anymore do you think LITECOIN will run when bitcoin runs , or is it doomed .

  2. 0x has very little built on it so far, only time will tell if there will be a massive adoption. As for polymath, have we got something that will be deemed as security as yet ??

  3. 0x is a safe coin with road map and coinbase backing.

    LINK has insane use cases. Has the most potential, even in this bear market. Safe legit project to be in despite being only in the top 50.

    Polymath: I have to disagree here. This is extremely risky. There are probably better coins to be in than this. I just don't see this succeeding long term.

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