Top 12 Enterprise Platform Cryptocurrencies for 2018

Top 12 Enterprise Platform Cryptocurrencies for 2018 – Take a look at the best and top cryptocurrencies that are enterprise platforms. These enterprise platforms provide…


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  2. Thank you very much for your video. It was very well made. I am sure that you put a lot of work into it. I greatly appreciate your efforts. Yours is a voice of level headed reason in a sea of crazy. Thank you.

  3. Nice summary!

    Do any of them have what it takes for mass-adoption?
    – open source
    – MIT or Apache license
    – decentralized
    – global reach
    – proven highly secure crypto
    – scalable to 10k TPS
    – immutable
    – deterministic
    – defense against known attacks
    – double spend
    – 51 percent
    – ddos
    – slow reply
    – etc
    – reaches absolute consensus
    – low fees
    – simple user interface
    – interoperability
    – portable secure wallet
    – zero government involvement
    – no favoritism toward founders
    – no inflation
    – dap support
    – JavaScript, Java, Python, Go support
    – fully-funded Dev team
    – proven track record

    Considering that there are very few successful track records in this space, we can expect a brutal culling at some point.

    Reminds me of the DotCom race, where Bitcoin is like Sun Microsystems. Sun was seen early as an unstoppable visionary, with their "the network is the computer" mantra.

    Unfortunately, Sun bet the farm on hardware. Cheap clones (I sold $4M of them out of my garage) ate their lunch.

    Microsoft also knew the Internet was going to change everything, The "innovaters delema" kept them from "crossing the chasm" and cannibalizing their desktop monopoly.

    Alta Vista, AOL, CompuServe, MySpace, etc all had huge leads that evaporated when Google, Facebook, and Amazon appeared focusing on best-of-breed applications leveraging the "network effect" and "advertising disruption".

    The Internet all but killed the high overhead Brick-and-mortar stores and news papers.

    Who will be the new loosers in a block chain econemy?

    I expect the days are numbered for banks, brokers, and any business who depends on large transaction fees.

    Who will win?

    In the Gold Rush, picks and shovel dealers got rich.

    In the DotCom Boom, creators of advertising networks and online e-commerce sites struck gold.

    In the new Block Chain economy, companies with the most profitable tokenization networks will dominate.

    Look for compaines that make a profit by making it easy to trade your stuff for crypto.

    Fun times!

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