Top 10 Cryptocurrency Index Fund Experiment (2018)

Welcome to the experiment! Not quite ready to dive into cryptocurrencies yet? Follow this Top 10 crypto experiment series to track the progress over 2018. What do you think about this cryptocurr…


  1. I'd do an 11-20 and compare its performance with the 1-10.. which move up to the top 10? which fall off of the top 10? Bigger gains from top 10 or 11-20? Should be very interesting.

  2. Hi! Agree with you in the most cases. And about XRP, TRX, LEND, EOS and ZRX + SNT, DOGE ? So many of them. Get a lot of information about these ones last time. Huge market cap and growing fastly up. Every week, every day. Don't you think some of them can explode some day? Or they could give to our world really usefull tools and technology for people, for life? Thank you

  3. looking forward to seeing how your experiment turns out!! I need to find some extra dollars somewhere so I can get started in cyptos too. I'm sure my brother will help me when I'm ready to start 😉

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