Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Set To Launch – June/July 2018

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Set To Launch (Testnet, Mainnet or Token Swap) – June/July In this video I share my best cryptocurrencies launching either main net or …


  1. EOS I am betting is going to be a huge failure. Just examine Dan Larimers character.. He burns through these projects like toilet paper after taco bell breakfast and leaves them 1/2 finished. He associates with people like Jeff Berwick and the Disney channels "The First Kid" aka Brock Pierce starring Sinbad which was actually a pretty good film.

  2. Vechain will do extremely well and can be used in so many different industries! Always liked use case projects and a couple I have looked at are fr8network for freight shipping and Viva network and Muirfield IP for real estate investing.

  3. I like Digipulse (DGPT) a lot. Fist to use blockchain for digital inheritance so it has first mover's advantage. Low token supply and market cap and the completed platform released July 1st. Also just got a write up in Forbes, which is a great look. Would love to see a video!

  4. A rather low marketcap coin that is about to launch is DigiPulse. They are attacking the problem of digital asset inheritance space which I believe will be big as the crypto space and crypto users mature. Leaving crypto assets behind in more traditional methods seem rather cumbersome and believe we can move away from dealing with 3rd parties (lawyers) when it comes to passing down our digital assets. Platform launch is expected next month along with a low marketcap, circulating and total supply.

  5. Hey Nugget, love the channel. Mate I still have old EOS tokens in my MEW. What should I do? I've tried to look on their website, but I couldn't find anything. Are they worthless now?

  6. I'm holding VEN on Coinspot. Is there a coin swap coming up and do I have to do anything? I want to move it to my Ledger but will wait if Coinspot are gonna swap for me. Tx.

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