Top 10 Crypto for Q2 2018 (and an ICO…)

The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for Q2 2018 are… In this video, I will take a look at the best altcoins to invest in right now. These are my opinion of the best …


  1. I'm glad you've finally covered Holochain, a lot of people don't know that the project actually started before bitcoin. It is unique and offers different solutions to most blockchain projects, I would be very surprised if Holo is not a top 5 currency in 6-12 months.

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  3. "Holochain is a blockchain, people love blockchains because there's a lot of room for growth on blockchains." You literally did zero research for this. Even as you are scrolling on their website it says "Think outside the blocks" and "What comes after blockchain?" If you spent more than 5 seconds actually looking into what that means you would never call Holochain a blockchain.

  4. Lol this cryptolove YT video 😂 😂 😂 He starts with: Holochaiiiiinnnnnn…..holochain is a blockchain, people love blockchain. Then scrolls down on the holochainwebpage and sees: what comes after blockchain? Holochain. He doesn't say anything about it so he just leaves it at being a blockchain. Which it isn't!

    Well done cryptolove for spotting a great project which you don't even understand the basics about 😂😂

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