Top 10 Crypto Coins That Out-Performed Bitcoin This Week!

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  1. sad that deeponion isn't in top performer, but i bet it will be sooner, right after airdrop end and quotation in big exchanges is allowed. 2018 will prolly be the year of privacy coins so another one to look for is xvg 😉

  2. Hey Brandon! First of all, very nice video and some interesting picks. Personally, I'm hodling some of them, like iota and waltonchain.
    It would be nice if you make in the next week video some reviews on the privacy coins. There are few of them that caught my eye, like Monero and DeepOnion. I would like to hear your opinion about privacy coins. Thanks again.

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  5. Better invest in TDF and Remme both on IDEX waiting for a decent exchange..solid project HUGE potential. Not saying WTC of EOS ICX not good, just more potential upside in small cap, just have to look for decent teams/projects.

  6. You missed ClearPoll, it went from a low of $0.59 to $1.20. It has a low market cap and a circulating supply of 8 million and it has working product. It’s ATH was $11. They’re also in talks to get added to Binance. This coin could explode pretty soon.

  7. thanks for the video, do you know about steem coin ? I hope you are already in steemit, if is the case, how can I find you there ? Steemit is the best cryptocurrency that pays in crypto !

  8. Hi loved the video….
    I can read Charts and Draw lines an Use indicators etc
    I was wondering if you could do a video on trade selection method for day trading and swing trades
    Do use an alarm to help with selection
    The Blockchain Education Site has different reviews
    But you are very impressive
    Thanks in advance………….
    Is there a Slack group ….any one ?

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