Top 10 Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2018 From Crypto “Experts”

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  2. John mcafee was never serious about his prediction for the price of bitcoin. He only wanted to put himself on the map so that he could become a spokesmen of crypto so that can ask for gigantic amounts of money for performances, tweets and so on. Everybody should stop giving that man attention.

  3. Thanks for sharing all your views and for filtering the news. Any thoughts on privacy coins vs upcoming regulations worldwide? Especially with decentralized exchanged not being on point to go around these (assumed) upcoming limitations for privacy tokens/coins?

  4. $90 Trillion exists in global money supply. $7 Trillion in fiat and $7 Trillion on gold. Rest is bank receipts, other forms of payments etc. Bitcoin could in theory be $5,000,000 max if it replaced all of money supply. That won’t happen 99% sure, just throwing out hypothetical

  5. Hey, I love the videos. Please pace yourself sometimes. You can talk really fast sometimes. I'm used to it but my wife overheard me watching one of your vids and even she was like "he talks really fast".

  6. Agree this is heavily manipulated, it’s either shorting bitcoin or keeping the market low until the flood gates open. I hope the gates are opening soon!

  7. I don't always agree with your opinions especially when it comes down to alt-coins, but your analysis and guesses on the price movements was spot on. The fact the market absorbed it so quickly is impressive and it sends a message to all institutional short sellers out there that they'll need more than that to manipulate the price.
    FUD on Bitcoin on TV didn't work, and shorts are getting rekt. Soon big money will be getting in.

  8. I think it will be very hard for the BTC price to go over $20K. Once we reach 20K again, probably an insane amount off people will start selling in a fear of an other crash. Even some youtubers said that they regret not withdrawing in December and January. They cannot enjoy all the money they made during last year's bull run, since they have lost nearly all of it.

  9. I think these predictions are wishful thinking, i honestly don't think we'll see $20k in 2018 with the way things have went so far, possibly not even in 2019 either with the futures contracts being part of the Bitcoin landscape now. $15k at the most would be my realistic guess for 2018.

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