TOM KENT NEW SCAM OCT 2017 | Double Your Bitcoins CHECK OUT MY BOT… Double Your Bitcoins or like Shitcoins…. Well Well Well the notorious scammer from Brisbane, Australia is back at it again, probably claiming…


  1. Everyone has a brain, it's up to them to use their due diligence, and decide where they put their money never play with more than you can afford to lose. It's always at YOUR risk!

  2. Ah, Shelly Cullen is just yet another self-opinionated troll spreading HER (hate) version of the truth. Let me tell you Tom Kent is one of the most honest and down-to-earth young men of integrity on the Internet! Whether DoubleYourBTC turns out to be a scam or not (likely) Tom Kent is NOT a part of it. He is actually using this program (while it lasts) to make money to repay EVERYONE who lost money in his previous venture, that failed through no fault of his. How many people do that Shelly? Would you? Why not do something useful and beneficial with your time instead of this low vibration negativity and hate?

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